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Essentia Health-International Falls Clinic

Essentia Health-International Falls Clinic

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About Us

Essentia Health-International Falls Clinic provides primary and specialty care to residents of International Falls and the surrounding area.

Essentia Health is an integrated health system of clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and therapy centers. For you, that means no matter where you see us we can access your medical records to treat you with personalized, high quality care. Our mission is to make a healthy difference in peoples lives. We promise to be Here With You close to your home.

Get the time and attention you deserve with a medical provider at the Essentia Health. Bring your entire family to see our primary care providers or a specialist. Our team goes above & beyond to get you an appointment when it works best for you.

We also have an onsite pharmacy, so you can get most of the care you need right here.

Primary Care for All Ages
Everyone needs a primary care provider. Partner with a provider who can help you stay healthy throughout your life.

Our family medicine team provides primary care services to your whole family. We also have family medicine providers who see expectant mothers for OB checkups throughout pregnancy. See us for your next physical or to discuss new or ongoing health concerns.

Family Medicine
Computed Tomography (CT) Scan
Diabetes Education
Gynecologic Surgery
Imaging & Radiology
Infectious Disease
Kidney Care
Lab Services
Liver Care
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Medication Management
Mental Health Counseling (Outpatient)
Physiatry (PM&R)
Pediatric Psychiatry
Pulmonary Medicine


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