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About Us is a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending the legality of kratom. They also have a variety of other goals that they focus on, including improving kratom education and helping to maintain positive kratom policies around the world.

Their primary goal is to protect the legality of kratom and support all people who use it as medicine. They do this by promoting kratom education, protecting pure kratom and supporting appropriate consumer protections.

They are a non-profit corporation that operates as a 501c4 and ensures that it is in compliance with both state and federal regulations through timely internal financial reconciliations and board-adopted conduct policies.

One of the main roles of is to certify kratom vendors and products. This helps to ensure that only quality kratom is being sold and that there is no contamination of the product or any other problems.

As a result, kratom users will find that there are a lot of different vendors out there. Some of them are legitimate, while others may not be.
While some of them are legitimate, others can be dangerous and can lead to serious health issues. Some of them can even be deadly, as kratom has been linked to a number of poisoning cases in the United States. aims to educate consumers about the benefits of kratom, how it can help with certain health issues, and how to safely use kratom. They also provide a forum where consumers can share their experiences with kratom and other information about kratom.

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